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February 2018
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I AM THE FIRE – Rising Above The Past

My feelings today expressed in a song “I AM THE FIRE” by Halestorm. Music has so much power over us to influence us to greatness or keep us in darkness. What are you listening to today?

“Am I brave enough? Am I strong enough? To follow the desire that burns from within.”

Do you have desires burning from within that you have doubts of ever achieving? I wonder this every day. I can see myself, my best version of myself; she is confident, she is inspiring, and she derives pleasure in helping others. She has the goal of changing the world by helping people obtain a happier more positive mindset. At times that version of myself seems so far away from who I am today. I know to get there I have to be brave enough and strong enough to change who I am. To leave the safety of what I know to let go of caring what others think of me.

“To push away my fear to stand where I’m afraid.”

I am afraid of what people think. I’m afraid of making a fool out of myself. I’m afraid of not being good enough. I’m afraid I’m not ready for the next step. I’m afraid that what I write is not good enough. These fears hold me back from that best version of myself. I have so many ideas running through my head. How do I chose the right one? How do I know if it is ready to share? But I need to take a stand. You need to take a stand. Let go and face your fears.

“I am through with this ’cause I am more than this.”

I know I am capable of so much more than who I am today. Today I am exactly the person I am meant to be at this place and time. As I learn more and let go of my fears I become one step closer to that best version of me.

“I promise to myself alone and no one else. My Flame is Rising Higher.”

I have promised to myself that I would stop caring what others think. To follow my heart more. To take one step towards my dreams every day. I feel the changes within me. I feel like I’m going crazy and feeling enlightened at the same time.

“I am the fire. I am burning brighter roaring like a storm. And I am the one I’ve been waiting for. Screaming like a siren”

As the fire it is my job to give others light. To help them see their own internal flame. I have realized if not me than who? I can’t keep walking past people in need, when I know I can help. Most other people are facing their own fears and limitations and may be too afraid to take the first steps. It is up to me to make as big of an impact on this world as I can. And although I don’t know exactly know how I’m going to do that, I know that deep within my soul that it is my purpose for being on this earth.

 “…Hanging on to hope. Shackled by a ghost of what I once believed I could never be. What’s right in front of me…”

I once believed health, wealth, and happiness were not in the cards for me. But I know better now. I know that all my dreams are possible. The limitations I once thought existed began disappearing. Who I once thought I could never be is actually inside of me now screaming to get out. She is begging to be released. She is my true self.

Let your inner fire out! Become the person you were meant to be!



I am very excited to tell you that I now have my first book published. This for me proves that “I AM SUCCESS”. However, becoming a published author is not what made me successful. What made me successful was making a commitment to myself to finish my book and publish it no matter what. And that is exactly what I did.

My goal is to help others achieve a more happy, healthy, and wealthy life. In order to do that I have to get past my personal fears and become the best version of myself. I knew that the next step for me was to finish my book. In it I discuss 9 steps that will help you in your journey to a more successful life. I hope to eventually create an updated version and go into more detail for each step and add more practical examples and stories.

Although the launch was  a little rushed and I did not do much marketing, my book even made it to #5 on the Amazon bestseller list. I hope that my next book will be even more valuable to readers and I will make it to the #1 spot making it easier for people to find it. I can’t thank my readers and supporters enough for all the encouragement they have given me.


Done is Better than Perfect

What tasks and projects are you avoiding because you are too worried about how it will turn out? Are you trying to think of the perfect thing to say to that cute girl you work next to? Are you worried that your blog post will turn out poorly so you keep waiting until you can get your thoughts together just right? I think I have suffered from perfectionism almost my whole life and still occasionally fall back into that pattern still once in a while. This is when it is time to remind yourself that:


I have been putting off writing this next blog post because I was waiting for that ‘perfect’ topic to present itself. I was waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to write it. Well, I’m here to say, there is no perfect topic or perfect time to do anything. Sure some timing can be better than others, however the most important thing you do is get that thing you have been avoiding done, so you can move forward and stop wasting your energy constantly thinking about it.

Everyday I try to remind myself of this. I keep thinking I have to do X number of blog posts a week or I won’t build my following. But that is a not 100% true. Sure it would be great to put out blog posts every day, however I find that when I set the goal to my ‘ideal/perfect’ number I psych myself out and end up not writing any. That is why today is all about being DONE!

The key to success in any endeavor is not perfection, it is persistence and consistency. Over time you will learn by doing and adjust accordingly. What are you needing to get done today?

There is Always Enough Time

Why is it that we often feel like there is never enough time in the day to complete all the tasks we think we need to do? One of the top excuses people make for not completing a goal is that they ‘couldn’t find the time’.


We are all given the same amount of time in every day, so why is it that some people accomplish so much while others seem to accomplish very little?

The answer is in priorities. The most successful people know how to prioritize the important stuff and eliminate time wasters. I know that I spend hours on end thinking about and trying to decide which task to do next. If I just picked a task and then went on to the next one I would probably be able to complete a lot more in my day. Another thing I waste time on is playing computer games. Computer games are highly addictive and we love the rush we feel when we level up. Think about if instead of playing computer games you took a class or pursued your passion.

To be honest, I don’t even enjoy playing computer games much anymore, even though I still am addicted to a few. When I play it is not because I’m enjoying it all that much, what I am really doing is avoiding the things I should be working on instead. What I love most about playing computer games is the sense of accomplishment. I level up easily and constantly in the games and it is very easily measurable. In real life it is much harder to see progress. We can go days, weeks, months or maybe even years without seeing real gains. It is difficult to stick to something when you can’t measure and see results right away.

But it all comes back to priorities. What is most important to you? Would you rather stick your kid in front of a movie and play on your smartphone or would you rather be reading them a book? Would you rather look at what everyone else is doing on Facebook or go out and live your life?

What are your top three priorities in life right now? What are the three things you spend the most time on right now? If these two lists do not add up you really need to think about how you are spending your time. If getting to the next level in your favorite game or watching another episode of your favorite TV program is really more important to you than working towards your dream life.

There is always enough time for our priorities because we make the time for them. If you find you don’t have enough time in the day maybe it is time for you to readjust your priorities before your whole life passes you by while you sit in front of a computer screen or television.

Risk Being MORE!

I’m sick of playing it safe. I’m sick of living a life of mediocrity. I want more out of life. This feeling of desiring more out of life has made me depressed. I constantly dream about having a different life but have not actually worked towards achieving it. If you want an extraordinary life you need to be willing to take risks.

You need to risk feeling vulnerable to those around you when they think it is stupid to follow your dream. You need to risk failure in order to succeed. You need to risk being yourself and having others judge you. You need to risk trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone so that you can grow and achieve greatness.

I have played it safe my whole life and realized that I have not truly lived. Lately, I have been working on taking more risks so I can turn my dreams into a reality. I still have over 35 years of ‘play it safe’ programming in my subconscious that I am working to overcome. I also am most definitely an introvert so being around others while enjoyable drains me quickly.

A risk for me is going to a cafe or other public place to write. I feel so exposed there and very self-conscious. But in order to grow I force myself to do it every once in while so that I get out of my comfort zone. It’s actually pretty easy to get outside my comfort zone, because my comfort zone is ridiculously small at the moment.

I however have made a commitment to myself to take more risks and live outside of my comfort zone whenever I can. I know this will propel me to the future I desire and enable me to reach my full potential.

Change is not easy. We often fall back into old ways of doing things and it makes our progress slower. But with each step of growth I take I find it easier to get back to my path of success. And while I can often offer others excellent advice, I still struggle to work that same advice into my life. This does not make me a fraud (like I often feel like), it instead makes me human. Change is risk and without risk and change there is no way to reach your dreams.

Be vulnerable today, take a risk that will propel you toward your ideal life!

What will you do today to move yourself closer to your dreams?