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January 2018
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Believe in Yourself!

“Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day become your profession.” – Gabrielle Bernstein

One of the hardest things on the road to success can be to believe in yourself. We are so used to getting validation from outside sources that when we strive to make our own way we become unsure. We doubt our abilities and decisions leading which causes us to put a break on our success. I am guilty of this myself.

I desire to make an income writing, but I doubt my abilities and the demand for the type of market I am looking to break into. I spend hours applying at jobs that I have no interest in actually working, just so I can get a paycheck. While inside I’m in pain because I’m not working toward my dreams. If I truly believed in myself I would be working harder at publishing my blogs and finishing my book. I doubt my ability to make a good income with my writing. I know it is possible but my need for financial security clouds my judgement.

I have been working hard everyday to change my mindset and believe in myself more. Change comes from the inside. While I know it is my purpose to bring more prosperity into the world by helping others become the best versions of themselves I am still working on changing into the best version of myself. I loose momentum every time I take a break from what I am truly meant to do. I always seem to find my way back here eventually and have found that I have been much quicker at getting back on track.

Every new book or positive resource I digest makes the positive changes in me stick. Sometimes it takes a few books or people saying the same thing for me to finally understand what I need to do to overcome my insecurities and anxiety.

Everyday I work towards turning my passion into my purpose which will one day become my profession until then I WILL believe in myself and my purpose and never give up!


What passion would you like to turn into a profession? What do you feel is holding you back the most from making this happen right now?



Comment from Nicola
Time March 20, 2017 at 3:28 pm

You CAN do it Katrina! Just push the doubtful thoughts aside. It’s hard to put ourselves ‘out there’, but amazing when we do, especially as most people will be impressed and inspired by our willingness to have a go! Please keep writing!

Comment from Katrina Rychling
Time March 21, 2017 at 8:33 am

Thanks so much Nicola! I have always wanted to help people since I was little, now I know HOW I want to do it. I’m working on a project to get out of my comfort zone and will be posting updates and pictures.

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