Dec 31

Happy New Year!


It’s almost the new year, so of course I’m motivated to write at least one blog post. Hope to have more writing again in the new year and I also have some new websites and fitness goals.


Happy Times Ahead!

Feb 27

Interview with Christine Rice Publishing Services

Interview with Christine Rice Publishing Services

Christine Rice Publishing Services provides individualized writing, editing, formatting, graphic designing, consulting, and promoting services to writers, authors, and business professionals. Their aim is to serve individuals in need of assistance with any of the various aspects of traditional and self-publishing and to help them achieve their publishing goals and dreams.

Today I’ll be speaking with Christine Rice, the owner of Christine Rice Publishing Services.

Christine, why did you decide to open a publishing services company?

As a published author myself, I learned about the different aspects of publishing from publishing five books in which I handled all parts of the publishing process. I wanted to help other writers and authors who needed assistance with the publishing process to achieve their goals of becoming published authors and putting forth a quality product they’ll be proud of. In addition, my experience and enjoyment with writing led me to want to provide writing services to individuals who need written content. Lastly, from my years of experience online, as an author, and as a business professional, I enjoy helping others promote their work and consult them on the various facets of the publishing industry.

What is the most popular service you offer?

Manuscript formatting for ebook publishing is my most popular service. Ebooks are now the most common way to publish a book. Properly formatting a book according to publishers’ guidelines is a challenge – but very important for the reader’s reading experience – so I enjoy helping other writers and authors tailor their manuscripts for digital publishing.

How do your services help a writer to become successful?

Clear and concise written content, a polished manuscript, a well-formatted book, and a great book cover are the most important parts of providing to the world a book that readers will love. If readers love your book, you will get good book reviews and your readers will spread the word about your book, which will lead to consistently increasing book sales. A pristinely edited book that has an attractive visual presentation greatly affects readers’ opinions about the book. And, like I already mentioned, happy readers leads to more book sales.

What is the most difficult part about helping others with their work?

The most difficult part about helping others is finishing each project because I enjoy helping others greatly. Once the project is complete I wish it would continue so that we could continue working together, because it pleases me to help others with their publishing projects. Fortunately, I have worked with some of my clients more than once, and on more than one project, and that is rewarding.

What do you do when someone is unhappy with your work?

If someone is not satisfied with the work I’ve provided, I fix it until it meets their needs. Satisfaction with the work I provide is something I want all of my clients to experience. I’m happy to say I’ve had few complaints.

What are your future business goals?

I would love to expand my business to include additional writers, editors, formatters, and graphic designers and to become a publishing company, but I don’t know yet when that will happen. Until then, I enjoy working closely with every one of my clients to meet their individual needs and providing the best publishing services possible.

If you would like to contact Christine Rice Publishing Services, you may do so by sending an email to or visiting their website at

Sep 28

Katrina’s Work on Yahoo – Never Fail, Never Give Up

Never Fail, Never Give Up on Yahoo! Voices – Click to read.


Aug 10

Katrina’s Work on Yahoo – Almond Date Cockroaches – Halloween Treats

Almond Date Cockroaches – Halloween Treats Recipe

on Yahoo! Voices – click for recipe


Feb 04

Changing the Story

Tarbosaurus_museum_MuensterWe start a story with an idea. That idea can be a point we want to get across or an event that makes us think ‘what if’. In the beginning of our writing the enthusiasm is high. As your idea then develops into a story it may start to loose its focus.

You may start to write about dinosaurs but find yourself writing about rocks and fossils instead. This is about the time I start to wonder where my story is going. I start loosing track of what I am writing and start to get a little bit discouraged. It is here that we can either embrace the change, quit working on the piece, or fight to make the piece work how you originally intended.

People are often fearful of change. It is no different in writing. When our work mutates on its own we are afraid that we have no control over our story. When we continue on ignoring the change the story wants to make, we risk ending up with a dull lifeless piece.

Instead it may be beneficial to embrace the change. Enjoy the unexpected places your story may take you. Not all change is bad. Relax, and let the story flow on its own. Let your inner creativity work its magic until you amaze yourself with something wonderful, that you may have never even intended to write in the first place

Dec 24

Talking vs. Writing

Talking makes me feel stupid, while writing makes me feel empowered. There is something special about writing that enables me to express myself on a page, in a way I cannot do aloud. When I am talking to someone, I often find myself saying one of the first things that comes to mind. This is sometimes not appropriate or helpful. It can often make a situation worse.

Words spoken or written can change someone’s mood. They can bring families together or tear them apart. Writing for me is a better means of communication. I think one of the most fantastic things about it is that you can get all your anger and stupidity down on paper, and then make it disappear. Once you take out that strong initial reaction you can focus on what you really want to say. It is a way of filtering yourself before you contaminate others.

Realizing how much easier it is for me to put words to paper, I find that important discussions with loved ones end up in an email. I do not do this to be distant, but instead to help focus on the issue and not the emotions. Perhaps, it is also a way of avoiding confrontation. I like to keep things positive and happy therefore it is important to try to filter out the negativity.

Talking however, is a way to discuss things quicker and solve problems more efficiently. While I do prefer the written word, talking has its uses also. If you had to choose between talking or writing what would you pick and why?

Nov 13

Moms into Writing: November 12, 2012

Wow, having a baby it like being in a time warp. Huge chunks of time pass by without you even noticing. The great thing about writing is that you can always come back to it, no matter how much time has passed. Sometimes it is even beneficial to take a break and read your writing with new eyes.

I remember reading things I wrote and having it seem like someone else’s work. For a writer trying to earn a living with their craft it is indeed better to switch projects to get a fresh perspective in order to keep your career alive.

Anyway baby is sleeping and so I spent some time online sighing up for Writer’s Market online and joining a new writing group. I loved my last writing group, however I recently moved and wanted something closer.


You can only fail if you quit trying.

Happy Writing


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