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November 2017
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Archive for 'Life'

I AM THE FIRE – Rising Above The Past

My feelings today expressed in a song “I AM THE FIRE” by Halestorm. Music has so much power over us to influence us to greatness or keep us in darkness. What are you listening to today? “Am I brave enough? Am I strong enough? To follow the desire that burns from within.” Do you have […]


  I am very excited to tell you that I now have my first book published. This for me proves that “I AM SUCCESS”. However, becoming a published author is not what made me successful. What made me successful was making a commitment to myself to finish my book and publish it no matter what. […]

Done is Better than Perfect

What tasks and projects are you avoiding because you are too worried about how it will turn out? Are you trying to think of the perfect thing to say to that cute girl you work next to? Are you worried that your blog post will turn out poorly so you keep waiting until you can […]

There is Always Enough Time

Why is it that we often feel like there is never enough time in the day to complete all the tasks we think we need to do? One of the top excuses people make for not completing a goal is that they ‘couldn’t find the time’.   We are all given the same amount of […]

Risk Being MORE!

I’m sick of playing it safe. I’m sick of living a life of mediocrity. I want more out of life. This feeling of desiring more out of life has made me depressed. I constantly dream about having a different life but have not actually worked towards achieving it. If you want an extraordinary life you […]