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August 2017
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Done is Better than Perfect

What tasks and projects are you avoiding because you are too worried about how it will turn out? Are you trying to think of the perfect thing to say to that cute girl you work next to? Are you worried that your blog post will turn out poorly so you keep waiting until you can get your thoughts together just right? I think I have suffered from perfectionism almost my whole life and still occasionally fall back into that pattern still once in a while. This is when it is time to remind yourself that:


I have been putting off writing this next blog post because I was waiting for that ‘perfect’ topic to present itself. I was waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to write it. Well, I’m here to say, there is no perfect topic or perfect time to do anything. Sure some timing can be better than others, however the most important thing you do is get that thing you have been avoiding done, so you can move forward and stop wasting your energy constantly thinking about it.

Everyday I try to remind myself of this. I keep thinking I have to do X number of blog posts a week or I won’t build my following. But that is a not 100% true. Sure it would be great to put out blog posts every day, however I find that when I set the goal to my ‘ideal/perfect’ number I psych myself out and end up not writing any. That is why today is all about being DONE!

The key to success in any endeavor is not perfection, it is persistence and consistency. Over time you will learn by doing and adjust accordingly. What are you needing to get done today?

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