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January 2018
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Pick Yourself Up and Take Action

Often times we are waiting for others to tell us that we are doing the right thing. To tell us that we are worthy. To tell us that we matter. To tell us that everything will be okay. To give us encouragement. We somehow feel inferior to those around us. They seem to have their lives put together so much better than we do.

So we put on our best face so we can measure up to them, while inside we feel like a fraud. We feel insecure and afraid they will find out the truth. This however I’m told is human nature. So while you are feeling all of these insecurities it is most likely true that they are feeling the same exact way. I have never had the ability to get inside someone else’s head to know for certain but the information all leads me to believe it is indeed true.

What does this mean for us? It means that we cannot wait around for others to lift us up and make us feel better. They are probably too afraid to take action therefore YOU must if you are to succeed! So lift yourself up off of the floor and take action. Move toward your dreams and turn your life into everything you desire. Then reach your hand out and help those that accept your help. This is the way we must move forward as a society.

If you don’t take action for yourself than take it for those you love. Show them it can be done and inspire them to achieve even happier more fulfilling lives.

IT IS YOU THAT NEEDS TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP! What is the next step you are going to take toward your dreams today?

Consistency is Key!

Do you suffer from procrastination like I do? Do you want to become more productive? I know I do, which is why Alex Altman’s book Time is Money caught my eye on Amazon. It promised to: “Cure procrastination without willpower, Become more productive, Find your focus, and Get more done in less time.”

After I read his book it finally sunk in what I was doing wrong. I was resetting my goals before I had turned them into consistent habits! I understood that in order to get momentum going you need to create a ridiculous easy goal. Like turn on your computer everyday and open up your blog. Anther example would be to set the timer for 15 minutes to work on a project you have been avoiding. I would start out with a small goal like setting my Misfit to 400 steps. But then when I completed that goal I would increase it the next day to 500 steps and so on and so forth until I inevitably failed.

This constant resetting of my goal before I had created a positive feedback loop was causing me to fail. After reading his book however I have left my Misfit at 500 steps, a pretty easy goal and I plan on leaving it there until it becomes a habit. Any points over 500 steps will be extra for me. Consistency is more important than the size of your goal.


This works because it creates a positive feedback loop from reaching your goal everyday. Your brain craves positive rewards and creating and leaving a goal small will ensure success!

Consistency ensures success. Now get out there and create lots of positive feedback loops in your brain to create your own success!

If you would like to buy the book, here is the link to this title on Amazon.

Believe in Yourself!

“Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day become your profession.” – Gabrielle Bernstein

One of the hardest things on the road to success can be to believe in yourself. We are so used to getting validation from outside sources that when we strive to make our own way we become unsure. We doubt our abilities and decisions leading which causes us to put a break on our success. I am guilty of this myself.

I desire to make an income writing, but I doubt my abilities and the demand for the type of market I am looking to break into. I spend hours applying at jobs that I have no interest in actually working, just so I can get a paycheck. While inside I’m in pain because I’m not working toward my dreams. If I truly believed in myself I would be working harder at publishing my blogs and finishing my book. I doubt my ability to make a good income with my writing. I know it is possible but my need for financial security clouds my judgement.

I have been working hard everyday to change my mindset and believe in myself more. Change comes from the inside. While I know it is my purpose to bring more prosperity into the world by helping others become the best versions of themselves I am still working on changing into the best version of myself. I loose momentum every time I take a break from what I am truly meant to do. I always seem to find my way back here eventually and have found that I have been much quicker at getting back on track.

Every new book or positive resource I digest makes the positive changes in me stick. Sometimes it takes a few books or people saying the same thing for me to finally understand what I need to do to overcome my insecurities and anxiety.

Everyday I work towards turning my passion into my purpose which will one day become my profession until then I WILL believe in myself and my purpose and never give up!


What passion would you like to turn into a profession? What do you feel is holding you back the most from making this happen right now?


TV Shows and Movies that Promote Prosperity #2

Prosperity: What You Watch Matters!

Spoiler Alert: My Name is Earl, Season 1, Episode 1:Pilot

If your going to watch TV or movies, try to pick ones that will promote prosperity. In season 1, episode 1: Pilot of My Name is Earl we are first introduced to Earl. For those of you who are not familiar with the show Earl is introduced as a guy who has made bad decisions his whole life. Then one day he won $100,000 in the lottery and quickly got hit by a car, lost the winning ticket, and his wife divorces him. While in the hospital recovering he sees a talk show host on television talking about Karma. Do bad things and bad things will happen to you, do good things and good things will happen to you. It is here that he decides to turn his life around, so he creates a list of everything bad he has done and decides to try and make up for those past decisions.

What I love about this TV show is the theme that no matter at what point in life you are in, you can change your life for the better. His first good deed he does is to pick up all the litter in the parking lot of the hotel he is staying at to make up for all the times in the past he has littered. He is then instantly rewarded by having the winning lottery ticket show back up! I love how he is rewarded so quickly for the things he does. Although, in real life I find that the reward or consequence can take a longer to show up.

Now that Earl knows he is on the right path he goes to the next item on the list, which is to make up for being a bully to a kid in school. However, when he goes to make things right he finds out something disturbing about the man. He instantly takes him off the list and again Karma punishes him by having his ex-wife break into his apartment. He then puts the guy back on the list and goes back to make things right.

Here are some great lines from this episode:

“My life sucks and I ain’t done anything good I can think of.” – Earl

“My whole life I’ve been scared to be who I really am because of what people might think…[then] the one man I was scared of my whole life has accepted me as I am.” – Kenny

I absolutely love that quote! How many of you have been afraid to be who you really are? I know I have. I still work on being myself everyday, no matter what other people say. My mantra lately for my writing has been “Done is better than perfect.” I remind myself of this constantly, otherwise I fear I would never finish or publish anything.

Let me know what you think down below. I’m debating whether I want to do like an episode recap or maybe focus on a couple powerful quotes from each episode, so feedback on what you would like to see more of would be appreciated.

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