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January 2018
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Pick Yourself Up and Take Action

Often times we are waiting for others to tell us that we are doing the right thing. To tell us that we are worthy. To tell us that we matter. To tell us that everything will be okay. To give us encouragement. We somehow feel inferior to those around us. They seem to have their lives put together so much better than we do.

So we put on our best face so we can measure up to them, while inside we feel like a fraud. We feel insecure and afraid they will find out the truth. This however I’m told is human nature. So while you are feeling all of these insecurities it is most likely true that they are feeling the same exact way. I have never had the ability to get inside someone else’s head to know for certain but the information all leads me to believe it is indeed true.

What does this mean for us? It means that we cannot wait around for others to lift us up and make us feel better. They are probably too afraid to take action therefore YOU must if you are to succeed! So lift yourself up off of the floor and take action. Move toward your dreams and turn your life into everything you desire. Then reach your hand out and help those that accept your help. This is the way we must move forward as a society.

If you don’t take action for yourself than take it for those you love. Show them it can be done and inspire them to achieve even happier more fulfilling lives.

IT IS YOU THAT NEEDS TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP! What is the next step you are going to take toward your dreams today?

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