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January 2018
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Risk Being MORE!

I’m sick of playing it safe. I’m sick of living a life of mediocrity. I want more out of life. This feeling of desiring more out of life has made me depressed. I constantly dream about having a different life but have not actually worked towards achieving it. If you want an extraordinary life you need to be willing to take risks.

You need to risk feeling vulnerable to those around you when they think it is stupid to follow your dream. You need to risk failure in order to succeed. You need to risk being yourself and having others judge you. You need to risk trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone so that you can grow and achieve greatness.

I have played it safe my whole life and realized that I have not truly lived. Lately, I have been working on taking more risks so I can turn my dreams into a reality. I still have over 35 years of ‘play it safe’ programming in my subconscious that I am working to overcome. I also am most definitely an introvert so being around others while enjoyable drains me quickly.

A risk for me is going to a cafe or other public place to write. I feel so exposed there and very self-conscious. But in order to grow I force myself to do it every once in while so that I get out of my comfort zone. It’s actually pretty easy to get outside my comfort zone, because my comfort zone is ridiculously small at the moment.

I however have made a commitment to myself to take more risks and live outside of my comfort zone whenever I can. I know this will propel me to the future I desire and enable me to reach my full potential.

Change is not easy. We often fall back into old ways of doing things and it makes our progress slower. But with each step of growth I take I find it easier to get back to my path of success. And while I can often offer others excellent advice, I still struggle to work that same advice into my life. This does not make me a fraud (like I often feel like), it instead makes me human. Change is risk and without risk and change there is no way to reach your dreams.

Be vulnerable today, take a risk that will propel you toward your ideal life!

What will you do today to move yourself closer to your dreams?

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