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January 2018
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Tag: Prosperity

Risk Being MORE!

I’m sick of playing it safe. I’m sick of living a life of mediocrity. I want more out of life. This feeling of desiring more out of life has made me depressed. I constantly dream about having a different life but have not actually worked towards achieving it. If you want an extraordinary life you […]

Pick Yourself Up and Take Action

Often times we are waiting for others to tell us that we are doing the right thing. To tell us that we are worthy. To tell us that we matter. To tell us that everything will be okay. To give us encouragement. We somehow feel inferior to those around us. They seem to have their […]

TV Shows and Movies that Promote Prosperity #2

Prosperity: What You Watch Matters! Spoiler Alert: My Name is Earl, Season 1, Episode 1:Pilot If your going to watch TV or movies, try to pick ones that will promote prosperity. In season 1, episode 1: Pilot of My Name is Earl we are first introduced to Earl. For those of you who are not familiar with the […]

TV Shows and Movies that Promote Prosperity #1

My whole life I have spent countless hours watching TV and movies. They have been one of my favorite ways to escape into someone else’s world for a while. All the things causing me stress, worry, and sadness fade away while I watched a good show. However, now that I am aware how much negative […]